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Carbon and Environmental Research Indonesia (CER Indonesia) is an entity dealing with environmental issues. This entity initiated with the spirit that we could assist community to determine and implement activities to safe local environment, which are in line with global interest. Those programs and activities related to economic and environmental development is our main concern. We hope that our entity could contribute significantly to process of achieving sustainable development in developing countries.

CER Indonesia was established under Notary Act of Mrs. Titien Moetiarsih SH Number 02, dated 03 March 2004.

Board of Management
Syahrina D. Anggraini
Director | syahrina@cerindonesia.org

Syahrina holds bachelor degree in Meteorology from the Bogor Agricultural University and master degree in Environmental Governance at the Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg – Germany with a scholarship from the DAAD. During her study in Germany, she did short intern work at the Ecofys and got accepted into post-graduate internship program at the UNFCCC Bonn. Joining CER Indonesia since 2005, she has been involved in development of CDM projects in energy, industry, waste, and forestry sector. She is also familiar with GHG inventory from being involved in the development of Indonesia’s Second National Communication to the UNFCCC and the Timor Leste’s Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC. Other areas of her works are on MRV and REDD.

Ari Suharto
Vice Director for Program | arisuharto@cerindonesia.org

Ari holds bachelor degree in Communication and Community Development and master degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). He had a semester of exchange scholarship at the Hokkaido University during his study on post graduate school of IPB. In 10 years of his works in CER Indonesia, he has been involved in projects on carbon trading mechanisms, REDD, and MRV. He also familiar with national document on GHG emission from being involved in the development Indonesia’s Third National Communication to the UNFCCC and Indonesia First Biennial Update Report. His roles on these projects are among others on its management, in conducting social survey as well as stakeholder consultation and interviews, also did work analysis. In addition, he also has involvement in various studies of High Carbon Stock (HCS) in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Heliana Novianti
Vice Director for Operational | heliana@cerindonesia.org

Heliana holds a diploma degree in Social Economics, Agribusiness Management at Bogor Agricultural University and bachelor degree in Economics and Management at the School of Economics Binaniaga in Bogor. During her studies at the university, she was active in student organizations International Association of Agriculture Student (IAAS-Indonesia). Prior to working at CER Indonesia, she worked in PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk for 6 years. She joined with CER Indonesia in 2013 as the Treasury, and 2014 - June 2017 as the Executive Secretary. Since June 2017 she served as Vice Director of Operational until today. During his joined at CER Indonesia, she was involved in several projects activities as Project Finance and Project Administrator.

Hamidah Hidayat
Treasurer | hamidah@cerindonesia.org

Hamida joined CER Indonesia since 2006. In that year, she started as administrative staff, then she is believed to be the treasurer since 2007. She has a lot of experience and has been involved in various projects with CER Indonesia as administration and finance team. Her experience in projects such as the technical team to workshops/seminars organized by CER Indonesia in cooperation with ADB, World Bank and IGES during 2006-2012. She also acts directly in the preparation of financial reports for these projects. Hamidah graduated in 2005 and holds a diploma degree from the Seed Technology, Bogor Agricultural University.

Devi Suhermanto
Accountant | devis_suhermanto@yahoo.com

Devi Suhermanto holds a diploma degree in Financial Management at Corporate Leadership Academy (State of Polytechnic APP Jakarta). Prior to working at CER Indonesia, he has a long experience on Financial Accounting and Human Resources Development at various companies. He has worked at PT. Artek Intipersada in 1988-1990 as Cost Accounting Staff, Fotomatic Jaya Electric in 1990-1992 as Accounting Supervisor, PT. Matsushita Kotobuki in 1992-1995 as Supervisor General Affairs, PT. Polytama Propindo years 1995-2000 as the Superintendent Office Management, PT. Saksama Cipta Indonesia from 2000-2005 as Assistant Manager HR and GA, PT. Catra Mandiri in 2005-2008 as Operational Manager and Project Secretary ADB TA (AECOM) in 2013-2015. Devi joined with CER Indonesia since May 1, 2008 until now as a Tax Accountant and Human Resources Development.

Muhammad Ridwan
Project Officer | m.ridwan@cerindonesia.org

Ridwan has a university degree and 14 years of working experience in forestry, in which half of it is on climate and forest related activities. He has been involved in development of CDM, REDD+ and VCS projects. Muhammad Ridwan also has qualification as Assessor for Sustainable Forest Management Certification in Timber Plantation and Timber Concession area. He also has experience in studies of High Conservation Value for timber concession, timber plantation, and oil palm plantation area, including HCS studies, as well as development of Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) in forestry sector. An occasional contributor to the TROPIS magazine, Ridwan has written many publications related to carbon forestry.

Alex Yungan
Project Officer | alex.yungan@cerindonesia.org

Alex holds bachelor degree in Forestry from Bogor Agricultural University in 2013 and joins CER Indonesia in 2014. Prior to joining the company, he has been working as research assistant at the Center for Forestry Organization Capacity and Institution Development (FORCI Development), Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University. In 2014, he also had a short engagement on a UKP4-UNDP activities program on "Compliance audits to Prevent Forest Fires in Riau Province". In the context of REDD+ and climate change, he has been actively involved in various research activities including HCS studies and biodiversity analysis in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. Actively writing and often published in various national newspaper.

Office Staff

Edi joins CER Indonesia in 2008. He had many experience as supporting staff in general matters.


Improve local environment quality, which are in line with global concern for community’s welfare. Improve local environment quality, which are in line with global concern for community’s welfare.


Increase community and stakeholders concerns to the importance of managing environmental resources sustainability in order to get double benefits, i.e. environment and economic improvement.


Carry out environmental studies to provide ideas how local and national governments should develop their policies and development programs which are line with global environmental concerns.

Implement capacity building activities for empowering community and stakeholder in carrying out activities to manage its natural resources and to safe environment which are in line with the global concern.

Assist communities and stakeholders in designing program for environmental saving projects which are in line with the global concern by optimizing the use local and global environmental funds.

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