List of Projects

List of Projects Conducted by CER Indonesia

Title of Project Year Client
Preparation of the action plan concept for the proposed management of the area of essential ecosystem areas in the area concessions of PT. CUS and PT. JV 2017 PT Pasifik Agro Sentosa
The Certification Methodology of Zero Deforestation Supply Chain and the Placement of FREL GCF (Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force) Provinces to the National FREL 2017 Institut Penelitian Inovasi Bumi (INOBU)
Preliminary Study on Carbon Project Development Through REDD Scheme in Concession Area of PT. Cipta Usaha Sejati (PT. CUS) in West Kalimantan Province 2017 PT Pasifik Agro Sentosa
Preliminary Study for the Impact Study of Bioenergy Policies in Indonesia 2017 GIZ

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